Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cool Contest Online!!

Ok, I like contests, especially blog contests, and I have even won a few. The reason I like blog contests is they are usually for a shorter duration, run by a real person, giving a real review about a product, and the odds of winning them are much better.

This contest is by a couple of ladies who share tips about making money on the web. It seems there are quite a few people actually making money with their blogs, facebook accounts, twitter, and by reviewing products, which not so incidetally, they usually get to keep!

There will be 3 prizes:
First prize: $100 cash (via PayPal or MoneyBookers)
Second prize: 1000 Entrecard credits
Third prize: Free 125?125 banner design

To enter the contest, visit

Check out MAKE MONEY ONLINE to learn how! This isn't a get rich quick site or a scam, but you can make some money!!

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